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Why is Germany Ignoring the Signs?

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german-useful-idiots-welcome-MuslimsIt hurts me to see what is happening to Germany – a country so welcoming and warm that it couldn’t have imagined the horrors that were going to unfold as a result of series of bad political decisions. Germany’s week of terror started on Monday, July 18 with axe train attack in Wurzburg, which was then followed by the shooting spree in Münich on July 22, and ends with yesterday’s machete attack in Reutlingen and the suicide bomb attack in Ansbach.

This devastating tragedy, however, is the outcome of the poor refugee policy of the European Union and Germany in particular over the past few years. Why did German politicians turn out to be so ignorant and why do they continue with their “Welcome Refugees” policy? And why do Germans continue to say nothing? After all, aren’t German citizens entitles to object to this open doors policy that threatens their security, their demographics, and their culture? Why are they so paralysed to afraid to speak their minds freely?

All these issues have deep historical roots dating back to the aftermath of the Second World War. Ever since Hitler was defeated and national socialism was condemned, the German people have been carrying the stigma of intolerance and brutality. Every mentioning of nationalism, every complimentary note on the achievements of the German people has been viewed with suspicion. And now, more than 70 years after Hitler’s defeat, Germany is finally rehabilitated as a free and tolerant country, where multiculturalism is seen as one of the foundation stones of society. However, it is because of this stigma and the fear that they are again going to be condemned as racist that Germans think they are not even allowed to “dislike” the refugee policy.

Dare to object, dare to think freely and don’t be afraid of labels. Wanting to preserve your culture and way of life and not wanting to feel constantly threatened by external and violent forces does not make you a nazi.



  1. Rose Heart says:

    Hey i am german
    And wanted to give my perspective!
    I unterstand what you say and its true that we are afraid of getting catogorised as nazis again…(but also many do)… i personally actually like the welcome refugee politic…of course there has to be built a better strukture! The politics in the moment are a chaos! I agree! But still, terrorist will not be less just because we don’ t pathen refugees a way in! The people are searching refugee and they will still come. Also the terroists ( who are just a tiny part of the number of refugees we welcome) our decision is just: how many will we let die while trying to fleed from TERRIBLE places! ( i talkes personlly to some, that are heartbreaking story’s). We as westernes with such a high living standart just can’t leave them outside!!! The wealth on the world is anyway bad Proportioned and we wessies anyway pretended( and pretend) that we are better. Thats why groups like Isis formed! So at least we can carry the consequences from our wrong actions and give these people shelter!!!


    • Hey, there. I understand what you mean and, don’t get me wrong, giving shelter to those in need is a noble idea. However, not everybody coming to Europe support this noble idea and want to abuse it. Many questions around ISIS and the refugee crisis remain unanswered still and lead to controversies: like, why do these people wish to come to Central Europe instead of trying to find shelter in the closest save country around them? Why did Merkel endorse the welcome refugee policy after publicly declaring in 2010 that the policy of multiculturalism and the integration policy Germany has led so far have turned out to be unfit?
      What I mean is that, while concentrating all efforts and public attention toward offering protection and support for the new-comers, Europe may be neglecting the real issues, like working toward resolving the crisis in Syria and dealing with ISIS, which are the reasons for the outbreak of the refugee crisis.

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      • Rose Heart says:

        I totally i agree with you especially on the last point… that we have to help in the countrys itself!! Thats very true… neverless thats not as easy because you can’ t find a solution with just a western mind…. what happens when western countrys just “solve” conflicts like the Us in afganistan we see in our history… but still its important to try to help solving the problems. To why the reguees just come to Europe…thats not true ( but you seem political informed so i believe you probably know that) but in their surrounding countries there are to many refugees already= bad living standarts etc. in Euroupe they just see the promised land…and partly thats true, because the chances to get a job in germany if you really want it are not tooo small. So concluding as far as i am concerned they come to us because they hope it is better here ( what IS partly true). But you know i see you’ re persepctive and its true that we can’t handle to many refugees anymore… i myself live in one of the citys where there is a “first coming to germany shelter” and my granddad is really active… they just come to quickly and nobody can actually sit down and do a plan anymore because they are so overwealmed…so yes a solution has to be found! ( by the way i highly sympethise with you 🙂 i love people also so eager interested in politics)


      • Thank you so much for your comments. I totally agree with you. I know refugees come here with the hope of living better. However, we have to find a way to monitor this huge amount of people (most of whom come without any papers) and to keep them in check for the sake of our own protection. I have nothing against people coming here because they are fleeing war and seek protection. But the sad truth is that we still haven’t found the right formula for managing this problem. Lets just hope the future holds something better in store for us 🙂

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      • Rose Heart says:

        One last question: what country are you from?


      • I come from Bulgaria, but I currently study in Berlin, Germany 🙂

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  2. Rose Heart says:

    I hope you can understand my thoughts and their not just a bunxh of radom sentences just logical for me :p

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