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Welcome to Consumerist Minds

So what is consumerism? And why does it have such a great influence on modern society? The answer is simple: consumerism is desire. The desire to buy, desire to express yourself through buying what you think will make you unique. If you look it up in a dictionary, you’ll see that consumerism means not only the promotion of the consumer’s interests but also the preoccupation with and an inclination toward buying consumer goods.


The most interesting about this modern phenomenon is that it tries to persuade you that you as a consumer are an essential part of the economic system and that through buying consumer goods you support the economy. And of course, this is to some extent true. However, the ways to persuade consumers to consume even more goes hand in hand with a whole ideology of buying, where buying means self-expression. What the articles in this blog are going to be focusing on is the impact of consumerism on your daily lives, our ways of perceiving the world around us and even the ways in which our means of communication have altered due to the rise of consumer culture.